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Vintage Wall Art Framed, Gouldian Finch Vintage Print, Custom Framed Wall Art, Bird Decoration, Refurbished Frame

$89.00 USD

> This Vintage Wall Art Framed Print is a beautiful image of the Gouldian Finch illustrated by renowned English ornithologist and bird artist, John Gould, drawn in the mid 1800s.
> He has been considered the father of bird study in Australia and the Gould League in Australia is named after him.
> This Framed Vintage Bird Print is sure to be a lively discussion starter as Office Decor or Wall Decor in your home for many years to come, as this beautiful bird print is artfully enhanced through professional matting encased in black borders.
> Enhance the walls in your home with these tasteful Bird Decorations.
> Framed Print Wall Art measures 16.25" tall x 14.25" wide x 1" deep; Weight = 2 lb 9 oz
> Custom Wall Art contains a full pane of standard glass, so it's fragile.
> Contains a hook on the back for hanging wall art.
> This beautiful frame is refurbished, and therefore sold "as is," with some minor imperfections.
> Ships FREE from CA via UPS Ground or similar to any location in the USA - expertly boxed for safe, secure delivery ($25 value)