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About Us

We offer unique, one-of-a-kind home decor for discriminating homeowners, birders and art collectors to order online. Questions? Text 630-277-7736 or leave a message to request a callback.

Our Story

After our first trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, we were introduced to numerous artisan families who hand make incredible home decor like barro negro, alebrijes, alfombras, and other fascinating handcrafted items. Eventually, we started working with many of these artists to carry their incredible works of art online.

Because we know all our production artists personally, we've been in their homes, shops and workshops, met their families, and we know they live frugally, so we pay them their asking prices for the goods they create. In most cases, they put in way more time that we might imagine to create the wonderful things we enjoy in our homes. Sometimes, we do get quantity discounts when buying in bulk. Often, we ask them to create based on ideas we suggest or special requests that come in from customers.

One of the biggest challenges in making these incredible items available online are shipping costs -- both for bringing items across international borders, and in shipping them to our customers. So we do our best in this regard, but ultimately have to incline prices to cover the costs to ship items safely and securely to you - our customers.

In regard to shipping, and our concerns for the Earth in which we live, LUV2BRD only buys biodegradable, organic starch packing peanuts which decompose in water leaving no toxic waste in the environment. Having said that, we do reuse other kinds of packing materials that we might accumulate from inbound packages, so we guess the net net is most of our packages go out using only biodegradable packing materials.

In regard to serving our customers, 99% of our buyers will receive a quality product delivered on a timely basis. For those who do not, for whatever reason, we appreciate your candid private message to us first, so that we can do our best to resolve and remedy for you whatever went wrong. We'll go the extra mile to earn your full satisfaction. But please don't express your disappointment publicly using a low star public REVIEW. That hurts our standing, hurts our relationship with prospective new customers, and makes it harder to give you the excellent customer service you deserve. Thanks for reaching us first privately. After we've had a chance to fix things for you, we appreciate your honest public review.

We also like to invest in worthy entrepreneurs. So we contribute a percent of our profits each month to This allows the blessings we've received from our customers to be extended to bless others around the world -- namely entrepreneurs like us who just need a little assistance to get their business growing and successful. You can see the loans we've been making to help others by visiting this link:

Finally, birding has been a passion of ours for many years, so much of the quality home decor we carry highlights flight: featuring birds, butterflies, bees, angels, dragons, or wings on things. But sometimes, we just find other cool stuff too, so hopefully you'll enjoy what we have to offer you!

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