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Shark Alebrije Figurine, Handmade Home Decor, Oaxaca Mexico FolkArt, Original Wood Sculpture, Carved Animal, Unique Gift

$769.00 USD

> Alebrije Shark - Alebrije de Oaxaca Mexican Folk Art Decor Wood Carving
> Artisan: Florencio Fuentes Melchor
> Hometown: San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico
> Craftsmanship: Original Oaxacan Art; Beautiful Oaxacan Art
> Created from One Piece of Copal Tree Wood
> Dimensions: 7" tall x 5" wide x 15" deep; 15 oz
> This is an amazing sculpture of detailed, genuine art that you're going to be proud to show in your collection of alebrijes, or give as a gift to someone you love.
> This Shark is sure to be a lively discussion starter in the home or office for many years to come, as he is the only one in the world, and you're going to receive the original created in Oaxaca, Mexico.
> Collectible Mexican Folk Art by Local Artists from the Manos Creativas Workshop
> Genuine Oaxaca Alebrije Originated in San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico
> Expertly Hand Carved & Meticulously Hand Painted
> Signed on Bottom by the Artist, Florencio Fuentes
> Exclusive & Unique Limited Edition: Shark is the Only One in the World Alebrijes are shaped creations based on artist imaginations, dreams or fantasies.
> The hand carving process uses knives and machetes to shape the copal tree wood, with expert painters creating designs unique to each artist.
> They may be cleaned with a dry or wet cloth. San Martin Tilcajete is a community that concerns itself with the environment, and we reforest our raw materials such as the copal tree.