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Pre-Order | Talavera Ceramic Vase Ships 9-1 | Handmade Mexican Pottery for Dried or Fresh Flowers Featuring Colorful Sunflowers & Lillies

$70.80 USD

>> You are pre-ordering this Talavera Vase for delivery in mid September 2024. <<
By placing a pre-order for this item, you 1) Guarantee yourself a future delivery of this exact product for Fall Outdoor Decor or early Holiday shopping.  2) Receive free shipping by UPS Ground or Fedex Home Delivery from CA 94521. 3) Get a 25% savings off the retail price of this item.

There are only TEN of these Sunflower / Lily Vases available in the Fall of 2024.

This is a Colorful Vase featuring Sunflowers and Lillies, Ceramic Talavera Pottery, aka Decorative Handmade Mexican Pottery

If you appreciate Southwestern decor or are looking for a big splash of color, or simply want to add some Mexican Talavera Pottery / South of the Border accent to your home, this Mexican Pottery Vase is bound to do the trick. 

This vase is handmade of clay molded in the classic Talavera style and then hand-painted by specialized artists in little towns surrounding Mexico City, Mexico.

Using modern, high-temperature kilns each Talavera vase is double baked to have a strong and durable finish that resists chips and cracks. 

Talavera ceramic vases make memorable gifts, as they are perfect for house-warmings, weddings, or anniversary presents! 

They also are wonderful accent pieces for your living room, kitchen table, study or patio.

Weight: Approximately 2lbs

Dimensions: 9.25" tall x 5.25" wide x 5.25" deep

Opening 4.375" in diameter

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