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Talavera Chicken Ceramic Planter & Colorful Flower Pot, Handmade Outdoor Yard Decor or Indoor Plant Pot, Colorful Mexican Garden Decor

$126.80 USD

Talavera Chicken Planter & Ceramic Flower Pot Handmade Outdoor Yard Decor or Indoor Plant Pot Colorful Mexican Garden Decor [Plus, get POINTS for your purchase by joining REWARDS at]

> Measures 11.5" tall by 9.5 inches Wide x 12" Deep; Weighs approximately 6 lbs. 2 ounces

> Super Cute and Colorful Talavera Chicken Flower Pot and Ceramic Planter in multicolor accents

> Great as a Planter Pot for Indoor Home Decor - or as an Outdoor Planter for Porch or Yard Decor

> Talavera Pottery is Handmade in Mexico

> Contains a hole in the bottom for drainage

> Handmade condition means it may contain slight imperfections

> Handmade condition means subtle color variations might occur as well

> Ships Quickly, Safely and Securely by UPS Ground

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