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Talavera Ceramic Pitcher & Six Glasses Handmade Mexican Pottery, Ceramic Water Pitcher Set for the Kitchen or Dining Room or Outdoor Picnic

$179.80 USD

Talavera Ceramic Pitcher & Six Glasses, Handmade Mexican Pottery, Ceramic Water Pitcher Set for Your Kitchen or Dining Room or Outdoor Picnic

> This gorgeous Talavera Pottery includes 1 water pitcher + 6 glasses = 7 total items.

> The Beverage Pitcher weighs 3 pounds, 11 ounces: 11.5" tall x 8.25" long x 7.5" wide;

> Each Glass weighs 1 lb 2 oz and is 7" tall x 3" in diameter

> The Decorative Pitcher is a 1 Gallon Pitcher (holds 128 fluid ounces) Elevate your dining experience with our exquisite Talavera pitcher set from Mexico, adorned with big, bold and radiant sunflower patterns that evoke the vibrant spirit of Mexican craftsmanship.

Each hand-painted piece tells a story of tradition and artistry, with meticulous attention to detail in every brushstroke. The vivid hues and intricate designs dance across the surface, creating a delightful symphony of colors that adds a burst of sunshine to your table. With this stunning pitcher set, you'll infuse your gatherings with the warmth and authenticity of Mexican culture, making every pour a work of art and every sip a celebration of tradition. 

> Enjoy this beautiful Ceramic Beverage Pitcher & Glasses Set in your home, or a housewarming gift to someone you know!

> This set was handmade and hand painted in Mexico by skilled potters and ceramicists.

> This Mexican Talavera is a special type of majolica earthenware with a white-base glaze. 

> The paints and glaze used in making Talavera pottery dinnerware are lead-free and therefore can safely be used as household dinnerware or Talavera Decor.

> NOTE: although Talavera can be used for food serving and preparation, it is a fine ceramic earthenware and may chip or break if not handled carefully.

> Handmade Condition means it may contain slight imperfections

> Handmade Condition means subtle color variations might occur as well

> Ships FREE Safely and Securely packaged by Fedex Home Delivery

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