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Stunning Planter with Etched Floral Designs, Handmade Mexican Pottery from Santa Maria Atzompa, Mexico, Classic Design

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Introducing our stunning White Etched Floral Planter, a gorgeous testament to the rich heritage of pottery making in Santa Maria Atzoma, nestled near the vibrant city of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Handcrafted with love and expertise by skilled artisans, this planter embodies the timeless beauty and artistic traditions of the region of soutern Mexico.

Each intricate etching conveys a story of family craftsmanship passed down through generations, resulting in a one-of-a-kind piece that will enhance your home decor or personal living space.

Whether displayed indoors or outdoors, this stunning white planter is not only a worthy vessel for your beloved plants but also a captivating work of art that transports you to the enchanting landscapes of charming little towns near Oaxaca.
Embrace the spirit of handcrafted authenticity and bring a touch of Mexican artistry into your home with this exquisite handmade treasure.
Use as an Indoor Planter, Outdoor Flower Pot, or Dried Flower Vase

Weight: approximately 4 lb 1 oz
Dimensions: 13" tall x 3" opening, 5.5" body diameter

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Disclaimer: After you fill this planter with dirt and a plant of your choice, some subtle transitions in color from white to cream on the surface of this planter may occur, and are a natural result of soil moisture permeating through the clay pot, causing a gradual change in color. This effect is quite common in this particular finish which uses our wood-fired kiln, includes natural glazes and paints, and can be influenced by the placement of the piece in the kiln during firing. The kiln's varying temperature zones, known as hot spots and cool spots, can also contribute to the outcome of the glaze color. This ancient craft, passed down through generations, embraces the occasional occurrence of these natural transformations, and is one of the unique characteristics of our handmade Atzompa pottery from Oaxaca, Mexico.

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