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Mother and Child Wall Art Decor, Handmade, Hand Painted Living Room Wall Art, Hanging Ceramic Wall Art, Christian, Decorative, Madonna Art

$149.96 USD $199.95 USD

> Gorgeous Handmade Ceramic Wall Decor - Mother & Child, Madonna
> This is a stunning, original piece of wall art to enjoy in your living room or office!
> Handmade and hand painted by our skilled artist and production partner, Jose Juan Garcia Aguilar from Oaxaca, Mexico
> Enjoy this ORIGINAL one-of-a-kind living room wall art decor for many years to come
> Measures 14" tall x 9.5" wide x 3" deep
> Weighs 2 lb 6 oz
> Handmade Condition means it may contain slight imperfections
> Handmade Condition means subtle color variations might occur as well
> FREE S/H - Ships Quickly, Safely and Securely by USPS Priority mail or Ground UPS

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