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Mermaid, Home Decor, Mexican Folk Art, Mermaid Figurine Statue, Clay Pottery Original Art from Oaxaca, Mexico by Jose Juan Aguilar

$349.00 USD

> This gorgeous handmade Mermaid is original art in clay by Jose Juan Garcia Aguilar.
> It's hand sculpted and hand painted in the enchanting neighborhoods surrounding Oaxaca, Mexico.
> It's sure to be an attractive discussion starter when your guests see it displayed in your home!
> Enjoy featuring this one-of-a-kind Mermaid Figurine Statue in your office, kitchen, living room or bathroom.
> Great as a unique Mermaid gift for someone you love.
> Weight: 2 lb // Dimensions: 9.5" tall x 4.5" wide x 9" deep
> Ships within 24 hours, packed securely to arrive safely at your doorstep via UPS Ground or equivalent.