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Handmade Gift | Ceramic Sunflower Vase for Fresh or Dried Flowers, Indoor Home Decor

$77.80 USD

Elevate your home decor with our exquisite handmade flower vase crafted by the talented Contreras family from Mexico. Each vase is meticulously formed using traditional majolica techniques passed down through generations, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the country. Bring a touch of artisanal charm and vibrant beauty to any space in your home with this unique piece of functional art.

This small ceramic vase is the handiwork of the Contreras family, who use time-tested handmaking techniques to craft beautiful home accents, like this vase, which is hand painted with brilliant golden sunflowers. Use it to showcase fresh or dried flowers in your living room, or as a brilliant utensil holder in your kitchen.

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