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Floral Planter, Handle Flower Pot | Handmade Mexican Pottery from Atzompa, Mexico, Indoor or Outdoor Home or Yard Decor, Ceramic Plant Pot

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Handle Planter, Charming Ceramic Flower Pot

This Handmade Mexican Pottery hails from Atzompa, Mexico, and can be used as Indoor or Outdoor Home or Yard Decor

> Colorful Hanging Garden Planter & Flower Pot -- so alluring in its attractive charm and floral design
> Great for highlighting your plants as Yard Decor, Outdoor Decor, Porch Decor or Home Decor
> Handmade by master ceramicists from Santa Maria Atzompa, Oaxaca, Mexico
> Measures 6" Tall by 10" Wide by 8.75" deep; Weighs approximately 3 lbs 9 ounces
> Inside diameter measures 8" across
> Contains one hole in the bottom for drainage
> Contains one hole in the back of pot for hanging on a wall
> Handmade Condition means it may contain slight imperfections
> Handmade Condition means subtle color variations might occur as well
> Ships for Free Quickly, Safely and Securely by UPS Ground or Fedex Home Delivery

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Disclaimer: After you fill this planter with dirt and a plant of your choice, some subtle transitions in color from white to cream on the surface of this planter may occur, and are a natural result of soil moisture permeating through the clay pot, causing a gradual change in color. This effect is quite common in this particular finish which uses our wood-fired kiln, includes natural glazes and paints, and can be influenced by the placement of the piece in the kiln during firing. The kiln's varying temperature zones, known as hot spots and cool spots, can also contribute to the outcome of the glaze color. This ancient craft, passed down through generations, embraces the occasional occurrence of these natural transformations, and is one of the unique characteristics of our handmade Atzompa pottery from Oaxaca, Mexico.