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Christmas Tree Ornament, Guitarist Christmas Decorations, Home Decor, Original Handmade Clay Art from Oaxaca Mexico

$73.00 USD

> This Gorgeous, Decorative Christmas Guitarist Ornament is an original piece of handmade Mexican folk art from Oaxacan Artist Juan Jose Garcia Aguilar. It's hand sculpted and hand painted in the enchanting neighborhoods near Oaxaca, Mexico.
> This Christmas Ornament is sure to be a beautiful addition to your Christmas Tree this year in your home!
> Or use it as Christmas Decor or Wall Art to spruce up the walls of your home.
> Enjoy featuring this as a one-of-a-kind Christmas Decoration / Guitarist Ornament in your living room or family room.
> Great as a unique Christmas gift for someone you love.
> Weight: 3 oz // Dimensions: 4" tall x 2.5" wide 1.5" deep
> Ships within 24 hours, packed securely to arrive safely at your doorstepusing UPS Ground or equivalent