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Christmas Decorations Outdoor, Christmas Decor, Yard Art, Christmas Gifts, Metal Christmas Decor

$69.80 USD

Red Ribbon Green Box
Red Ribbon White Box
Green Ribbon Red Box
  • Christmas is coming soon, and although it's been a crazy year, you have the opportunity to decorate your yard or home to help your family celebrate Christmas in 2020!
  • These large metal Christmas gift boxes will set the mood for your Christmas Celebrations.
  • Use them as Christmas Decorations, Outdoor Christmas Decor or Christmas Yard Art.
  • Place them on your front porch to signal it's nearly Christmas to everyone who walks in or drives by.
  • Big and bold, they will encourage your family enter into the Christmas Spirit this year, when we really need to celebrate good news in the midst of all the craziness.
  • Each Box measures 10x10x10. Ribbons extend these dimensions to 13x13x13.
  • Weighs 3 lb 12 oz Ships within 24 hours for free from TX using Ground UPS or equivalent service.

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  • This product is handmade in Mexico.