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Barro Negro Jesus with the Cross Decoration, Mexican Clay Art, Decorative Cross, Handmade Pottery from San Bartolo near Oaxaca, Mexico

$44.85 USD $59.80 USD

This Barro Negro Jesus with the Cross Decoration can accent any room in your home!

This unique Mexican Clay Art piece boasts amazing colors and can be a beautiful addition to any wall, bookshelf, bathroom or any room in general.

This is truly an eye-catching Oaxacan Art piece that will brighten up any location!

Measurements: 11" tall x 7" wide x 1.5" deep. Weighs 1 lb 12 ounces.

This cross is an ORIGINAL piece of Colorful Cross Art, sold in very nice, handmade condition.
It's a creation from San Bartolo near Oaxaca, Mexico.
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