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Barn Owl Garden Statue, Owl Wall Art, Barn Owl Decor, Chainsaw Art, Carved Owl Statue, Owl Decorations, Outdoor Garden Statue

$229.80 USD

Introducing this adorable handmade Garden Owl Statue - a mesmerizing masterpiece that captures the essence of nature's beautiful nighttime creatures. Crafted with utmost precision and love by Chad Kilpatrick from Wills Point, Texas, this magnificent barn owl will bring an enchanting touch of whimsical surprise to your garden or outdoor space.

Each stroke of the chainsaw artist's skilled hand reveals the raw beauty of wood, transforming it into a majestic night creature that seems to come to life. From its intricately carved feathers to its piercing eyes that gleam with wisdom, this awe-inspiring owl creation is a testament to the power of nature at night. Let this majestic owl statue grace your garden and inspire a sense of wonder, unleashing the magic of nature in your own backyard with this timeless handmade treasure - a symbol of artistry, beauty, and the boundless potential of the human spirit.

> This emotive Barn Owl Statue is Chainsaw Art that can be artfully displayed within your yard at home
> This garden decor weighs approximately 14 lb, 3 oz; and is 19" tall x 9.5" wide x 9" deep
> This Barn Owl is a handmade and weather protected original by Chad Kilpatrick from Wills Point, Texas.
> Handmade Condition means it may contain slight imperfections
> Handmade Condition means subtle color variations might occur as well
> Ships safely and securely from CA using Ground UPS or Fedex Home Delivery
> Handmade by an expert chainsaw artist from the USA

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