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His/Her Serving Boards, Resin on Wood Ocean Boards (2), Kitchen Decor, Cheese Boards, Couple Chopping Boards, Natural Home Decor

$119.85 USD $159.80 USD

These gorgeous, resin on wood, his/her serving boards can proudly attend to guests in your home!

These beautiful boards are made of walnut wood. The ocean wave is formed using food safe resin which is heat and cold resistant. The boards are sturdy enough to chop on as well, as walnut is known for resisting chop cuts, although we don't recommend cutting hard meat or veggies on the resin part, to prevent scratching the resin surface.

These resin on walnut wood ocean boards serve as elegant, artful home decor accents for your hospitality nights.

> These two custom chopping and serving boards weigh 2 lbs 3 ounces together and measure 1.5" Tall x 13" Long x 14" Wide

Hand wash only. If the board gets scratched due to daily cutting, or loses its glossy smoothness due to washing, you can restore the texture by rubbing olive oil or avocado oil or any food-safe furniture oil on them, and leaving them unused for 72 hours to maintain the quality of the board. do this oil routine once per year.

> Handmade condition means it may contain slight imperfections
> Handmade condition means variations in the ocean wave may occur as well
> Ships safely and securely from CA using Ground UPS
> Handmade in the USA by AK from Talking Thyme of San Jose, CA.

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