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Mayan Art Textile Wall Hanging, Cool Hooked Rug, Vibrant Round Tapestry, Handmade Authentic Rug - Recycled Textiles by Maya Guatemalan Women

$249.00 USD

> Enjoy this gorgeous, vibrant Mayan Art Home Decor!
This distinctive hooked rug features enduring Mayan textile traditions that express authentic Maya culture and themes. This original work of Mayan art was personally designed and hand-hooked by exceptional Mayan textile artist Juana Calel Yax from Patanatic, Guatemala. It is also handmade of recycled textile excess of which Juana used 35 upcycled garments to create this amazing, one-of-a-kind tapestry.
Her photograph comes attached to her Mayan Decor (see last pic), along with a quote about her work: "I love my rug hooking designs, and I believe I can continue working to make them even better. I am more than grateful for the opportunity that I have."
Juana is one of over 60 Maya women that comprise the Multicolores association of artists representing 3 Maya languages heralding from nine communities in the highlands of Guatemala. For more information about their hooked rugs and Mayan art, visit
> This Mayan nature tapestry is Handmade Guatemalan and was designed and hand woven to reflect the story, culture and creative voice of this amazing Mayan textile artist.
> Her original Mayan art will look amazing in your home as a rare and distinctive woven wall hanging, or a unique area rug.
> This cool recycled rug and/or wall decor tapestry weighs approximately 2 pounds, 3 ounces and is 25" in Diameter.
> Ships FREE safely and securely packaged within a few days by UPS Ground or equivalent.