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Ptarmigan Wall Decor, Vintage Decorative Plates, Bird Wall Decorations for Family Wall Decor, Bathroom Wall Decor, Office Wall Decor

$29.95 USD

> Ptarmigan Collector Plate, 1988
> This Decorative Plate is Numbered B 5866 in a Limited Edition
> Measures 8.5" inches diameter; Weighs 13 ounces
> Condition is free of any defects or damage
> Ships Quickly, Safely and Securely by USPS Priority mail or similar
> Bradex No. 26-R65-2.4
> No Original Box or Certificate Name: Flock of Ptarmigan by Derek Braithwaite Series: The Braithwaite Game Bird Collection series A vintage collector's edition plate featuring three Ptarmigan from the series The Braithwaite Game Bird Collection -- a wildlife gallery of the great game birds of Europe -- in fine English Bone China by Royal Grafton. It's a perfect addition to your Wall Decor at home, use it as bathroom wall decor, family wall decor, kitchen wall decor, bedroom wall decor or office wall decor. As a Vintage item, this plate is sold "as is." There may be some fading due to its age. (See pics).